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Chevelier's Books Treasures Signing

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Treasures Book Release January 2019

BearHeart Publishing is pleased to announce the January 2019 release of

By Bootsy Holler 

Los Angeles, CA, BearHeart Publishing announced today the release of Bootsy Holler’s new book, Treasures - objects I’ve known my whole life. The photographs in Treasures are of simple objects from Holler’s mother’s home. “My mother has always been very particular about how she likes her things - every item has its place, every task has its way of being done. Inevitably, these things and this way have become part of my life as well.” Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.
Holler’s collection is a portrait not only of her mother, but also of their relationship. “It’s not that these things are her ‘Treasures’ per se, it’s that because she thought these things were so important to take care of, and there were so many rules around how these things were to be handled, they felt as if they were more important than me.”
Treasures is a humorous look at the objects people live with, that we build our lives around, that we give breath to, and how they eventually become part of our lives - and tell our stories. 

Book Signing
January 29, 2019
Chevalier Books 
7  PM
126 N. Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Photography /Artist Book / Postcards
Hard box & Softcover, 6.5 x 4 inches, 94 pages
$55 US/CAN Signed editions 1/250

Bootsy Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.  Whether she’s reimagining the family photo album or bringing to life stories behind specific inanimate objects, Holler’s work is driven by the powerful connection between previously untold stories, and portrayed by previously unseen points of view. Much of Holler’s work is rooted in her growing up in a secretive government area near the Hanford Nuclear site, home of the plutonium bomb that was said to have ended WWII.  She now resides in Los Angeles, traveling to find inspiration and connections with people, environments , objects and the unspoken secrets we all keep.

High-res scans to your specification are available upon request; scanning from the book or living images from the mechanical file are strictly prohibited.  Mandatory credit line:  From Treasures: Objects I’ve known all my life by Bootsy Holler., published by BearHeart Books.

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showing for the first time a collection of 9 images from my series
 Treasures:  44 objects I've known my whole life
“As photographs give people an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal, they also help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure.”                    - Sontag
The photographs in Treasures are of simple objects from my mother’s home that I have known all of my life.  My mother has always been very particular about how she likes things; every item has its place, every task has its way to be done and so these things and this way became part of my life too.
Susan Sontag is speaking about insecurity and how taking photographs gives us little trophies that capture a time and a place, which gives us a sense of comfort.
The truth is, I am uncomfortable talking about my work. I am uncomfortable revealing parts of myself that I’d prefer to keep hidden. Maybe I’m afraid of what you will think or maybe I’m afraid of what I will learn about myself. Either way, over the years I have allowed or even forced my work to speak for me — to tell truths that I cannot.
Initially, I thought Treasures:  44 objects  was about my mother and how she treasured her things more than she treasured me. But I realize now that this work is less about me being unnoticed by her, and more about my fear of becoming her and affecting my son through the lessons I learned from her.

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All Women are Dangerous show

Join us on Saturday night for "All Women Are Dangerous”, 
January 7th, 2017  from 6-9pm! 
This is an official MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) event presented by Building Bridges Art Exchange & Fabrik Magazine.
Featuring work by: Bootsy Holler - Lisa McCord - Eleonora Ronconi - Tami Bahat - Sandra Klein - JK Lavin - Aline Smithson - Susan Swihart - Sarah Hadley - Marian Crostic - Paula Riff - Brandy Trigueros - Pauline Gola - Marjorie Salvaterra - Samantha Geballe - Jane Szabo - Jessie Chaney
Bergamot Station: 2525 Michigan Ave. Unit F2 Santa Monica
Please RSVP to:

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Hindsight 30/40 show

Hindsight is 30/40
The Salon
2656 S. La Cienega Blvd 90034

A group show I have two pieces in.

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#964 Bootsy Holler SixShooters

Kootcha monkey photographed in West Africa's Gorée island