Saturday, November 7, 2009


Photos from our trip to Antigua, an island in the Caribbean. I spent a week with my friend Aubbie and her sister Genieva at Aubbie's dad's Villa in Jolly Harbour. Then week two Seth showed up. We went for a few days to a fancy hotel called the Carlisle Bay. Photos at the link are; playing pool at the Watch Dog, and Seth and taking a little Johnny dog into get a look at with a vet. We or I thought the little dog was a stray down at Dark Wood beach but it turned she had an owner. Clyde who owns the bar on the beach at Dark Wood. When we came back with Johnny girl from the vet he had somehow acquired another little dog. A female which is good because so is Johnny and they don't need more unwanted animals on that island. Also Aubbie and I went swimming with the stingrays which was really cool.

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