Monday, November 24, 2008

New Promo card -

I'm working on my new mail out promo piece and business card. People always ask me about my card because they have a great silky feel to them. I work with I do the Silk card style but they have many more cool products like stickers and custom dye cuts. As a photographer I love the way the images look with this print job + I get my promos cut to a special size and scored for a great price so my pieces can not be standard.

new business card on the way.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Collectible at Wall Space Gallery

Opening Dec. 4th - 6 to 8PM at Wall Space Gallery in Seattle.
Affordable art for the holidays.
I've also started printing the Ruby & Willie series in 16 x 24 and they look amazing.

Collectible is open now thru 31 December, 2008

wall space has assembled a group of artists who we believe have a strong vision, great ideas and creative talent.

collectible is photographers from across the country showcasing their iconic images, all at a an affordable price.
Discover creative work by new artists, each with a unique vision of photography. We wanted to provide an opportunity for new and established collectors, as well as aficionados of the photographic image to see and purchase new works at a price we can all afford. Each of these creative images is priced under $200, a reasonable investment for anyone who loves the art of photography.

In this market, we can't afford to give up one of the things that gives us visual sustenance.
Art should not be a luxury, it should be a staple. Like water, food and shelter.

we have created a wide ranging exhibition, a smorgasboard, of visual treats.

Take a look and treat yourself.

Here's more about Chandelier (seen above) + Bootsy Holler -

From the series, Ruby & Willie
One of the many photos taken in Ruby and Willie’s home in Richland, Washington.
Since my Grandmother’s death in 1978, the home they had shared remained virtually unchanged. Willie lived in the basement and kitchen, not touching any other rooms. This house was always a strangely beautiful environment in stasis to me and I felt the need to finally document it. I photographed each room, capturing all the details in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, boys’ room, girls’ room, Ruby’s room, the downstairs TV room, and finally Willie's basement bedroom. During this process my Grandfather passed away and immediately the delicate home was torn apart and sold. As generations leave us, they take with them their environments. I used photography for what it does best: to document a place and time before it is gone.

about Bootsy -

While people is what Bootsy is known for, her fine art work tends to reveal beauty in objects & oddities, places and scenes. Even the mundane becomes beautiful, and often discarded objects have life and radiance.
Bootsy Holler is an intuitive and innovative commercial and editorial photographer. Best known for her remarkably sensitive style of portraiture, she also works in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for agencies, designers and music labels.

collectible is art you can afford, and can't afford to miss.

For further information about Bootsy, her work or wall space gallery, please contact us at or give us a call - 206.330.9137

wall space gallery
600 First Ave, suite 322
Seattle, Washington 98104

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Red Carpet for 4 Christmases Premiere

Seth and I on the Red Carpet for Four Christmases Premiere last night.
Four Christmases comes out next week and Seth Directed.

My friend Michael Colovos who designs for Helmet Lang lent me this dress.
I'll have to see if I can find a better shot of the dress.

this image is from

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

4X - Seth's new movie

Out on Nov. 26th. Go see it you will laugh your ass off.
I'm sure you have seen the billboards and ads.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov. 4th 2008