Friday, October 5, 2007

Washington Idaho Montana and back 09.07

After flying up from California on her first flight under the plane in the crate Lily Mouse was ready for the road to MT.

we left Seattle at 9PM at night and drove till 1AM landing in Sprague, Washington. We were just over the Columbia River headed towards Spokane.

Here we are stopped at a rest stop between the boarders of Idaho and Montana. Working our way towards Missoula for a late lunch.

We finally made it after a 14 hour day to Glasgow, Montana up in the North Eastern corner of MT. Tomorrow a day off and then the wedding. Angela and Mike Sept. 18, 2007.

After two days we were on our way back down and across to Eastern Washington to visit the nephews at mom's house. They were visiting from Germany, with my sister.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

KISW Rock Girl Calendar year 3 for bootsy

As the summer was ending i was in beautiful Seattle shooting for Comcast KISW 99.9FM. This is my 3rd year shooting the calendar. I wanted to do something different than last year on the beach. Something NW like on lake Washington. Teague was our boat driver and gave us access to the water front lake house we set up on.

Rock Girl Sara and starting the day out talking to Heidi Nymark about make up.
This is the Comcast crew that follows me around while I try to shoot. And Katlin on the boat getting her hair fixed by stylist Helena Nymark.
Denea in the water and one of my assistants Melissa O'hearn.
Miranda getting her hair fixed by Brandee Slosar and Teague out on the boat with girls.
Helena and Sara with assistant Derek Johnson. On the dock with Big Moose and little Mouse dogs.
Teague driving the boat and yes the boat was small and even smaller with two Comcast camera guys. They are always nice and quite and try to be small, but we were on a boat.
Devyn on the dock and Teague in the morning in his speed boat.
Sophia and Savannah before getting on the boat and Katlin on the dock.
Derek and I try to work a shot while the big guns hang over us. Sapphire and the sky.
Heidi Nymark, make up and RG Sara. Shay from the Hair & Body Cafe doing Sapphire's hair.
Teague looking on while Savannah gets photographed and the boys Teague and my assistant Derek.

What great but crazy 2 day shoot. The kisw 2008 Calendar should be out in January so look for it.


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