Thursday, October 30, 2008

P1 in SF hangs "28"

Ten years ago I put up a show called Twenty Eight this piece was a self portrait of what I was going through at the age of 28. I sold many pieces from this series but never broke up the original which I later sold to a commercial real estate, long time friend of mine in San Francisco. But just recently Marty the owner had to move from a studio loft to a house and has chosen to let Project One or P1 a new gallery and lounge borrow the piece indefinitely.

Article written recently on P1 that mentions and shows the 28 which sits behind the bar back as a focal point.

Ironically they had there opening for P1 on my birthday in October which is also the month I showed 28 in 1998. I did not even realize the other month when this happened that it was a bit of an anniversary for the piece.
Link to poem that goes with 28 and larger single images

Project One
251 Rhode Island Street (btwn 15th/16th)
San Francisco 94103
art and music for everyone.


Friday, October 10, 2008

SPIN article - The Art of Screaming

Remember I directed this instructional video The Art of Screaming with Susan Carr? The DVD has been getting good press and this came out in SPIN - Oct.08 Pg.40. Link to article:

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Oregon Ducks billboard

Above Dennis Dixon who played for the Oregon Ducks throwing a pass.
I can't wait to see a shot of the billboard in it's environment with the extra arm piece coming off the top.

Below is Jonathan Stewart ad for the programs at the game.