Thursday, September 7, 2017



showing for the first time a collection of 9 images from my series
 Treasures:  44 objects I've known my whole life
“As photographs give people an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal, they also help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure.”                    - Sontag
The photographs in Treasures are of simple objects from my mother’s home that I have known all of my life.  My mother has always been very particular about how she likes things; every item has its place, every task has its way to be done and so these things and this way became part of my life too.
Susan Sontag is speaking about insecurity and how taking photographs gives us little trophies that capture a time and a place, which gives us a sense of comfort.
The truth is, I am uncomfortable talking about my work. I am uncomfortable revealing parts of myself that I’d prefer to keep hidden. Maybe I’m afraid of what you will think or maybe I’m afraid of what I will learn about myself. Either way, over the years I have allowed or even forced my work to speak for me — to tell truths that I cannot.
Initially, I thought Treasures:  44 objects  was about my mother and how she treasured her things more than she treasured me. But I realize now that this work is less about me being unnoticed by her, and more about my fear of becoming her and affecting my son through the lessons I learned from her.