Saturday, January 17, 2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few of my favorite imagesd from around the city. Seth and I were down in BA staying in the Hollywood lofts in Palermo Hollywood, this is the area where the film and commercial studios and digital labs are. A very cool and hip area to stay.
Places of interest for us in Argentina were:
-perito moreno glacier down south
-peninsula valdes in the middle (penguins and whales)
and here are a few others . .
- iguazu falls
- payunia in mendoza
- colonia in uruguay
Argentina is so large it is hard to get around to every place you want to see.
Our friend Georgos took us to some amazing places to eat we may not have found on our own.
The first two palces were the best. Both in not so safe areas but fine if you have a cab straight to them. The Restaurant themselves are great people and great food. You must must call ahead. But remeber people eat after 8PM in BA so by 10PM the places are packed.
located in La Boca, the old port area of the city.
It’s the place where local people use to go. Now it’s famous, even
Bono had dinner there...but it remains the same place...the owner serves you.Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4362.9912
Address: Pedro de Mendoza y Caffarena, La Boca. 20 minutes from
Recoleta. You must get there in a taxi from the hotel. The area is
dangerous, the restaurant is not... Please go, you will love it!!!
Do not have sea food. You have to order the simplest argentinean
food here: steak and salad. The “tortilla española” is also the best
in town (it’s like a spanish omelett with potatoes and onion).

2) RESTAURANTE PAN Y TEATRO: my favorite! You have to get there in a
cab, it’s located in a residential old area, 20 minutes from
downtown. It’s for local people, very simple, an old man from the
neighborhood playing the piano, local food , much more
sophisticated than a steak. You have to order “La Picada” which is a
starter to share, the best ever.
Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4924.6920
Address: 4095 Las Casas st. (Las Casas and Muñiz) Boedo.
3) LA BRIGADA: the best steak in Argentina, and that means a lot.
Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4361.5557
Address: 4564 Estados Unidos street (San Telmo).
4) SOTTOVOCE: italian, delicious!
Reservations: recommended to make a reservation. Tel: 4807.6691
Address: Libertador Avenue and Ayacucho St (Recoleta).

5) SOCIAL PARAISO: and old small restaurant, located in the Palermo area. Creative delicious dishes. Local people here.Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4831.4556
Address: Honduras 5182 (Honduras St and Uriarte St, Palermo), 15
minutes from Recoleta.
6) OSAKA: Peruvian- Japanese food is the speciality at trendy Osaka.
No credit cards.
Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4775.6964
Address: 5608 Soler street. (Soler and Fitz Roy)

7) FREUD & FAHLER: a modern restaurant where the food is simple and
direct but it manages to be creative , with little touches of colour
and design in your plate.
Reservations: recommended to make a reservation.
Tel: 4833.2153
Address: 1750 Gurruchaga street.

Important: Normally credit cards are not accepted in BA restaurants.

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