Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PHOTO OF THE MONTH - hotel room

"Hotel Room"
This is a limited print run of 5
- 20" x 20" paper size - 18" x 18" image size
Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper matte surface
Each print signed and numbered

Special limited edition price $250
if you are interested let me know and you can PayPal.

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Sustainable fashion

Working on this shoot to come out in Eliza Magazine Winter 09/10. Here is a sneak peak of one of my favorites.

What is Sustainability you might ask, well in a broad sense, it is the capacity to endure. For us humans that means the product has potential or long-term improvements in the wellbeing, which in turn depend on the wellbeing of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources. For the fashion world think about making handmade products, or not shipping that garment to multiple manufactures or shipping a garment at all to get made. Also the fabrics and pieces that make that product where are they coming from and how are they made. Sometimes it is about less packaging, shipping, waste or reuse of a product. Like much of the jewelry we used in this shoot was reuse, taking an old object and making it cool or fitting of the present. More to come when the issue comes out.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Magic Castle teens

I'm still working with my friends covering young magicians at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I was backstage this time with Krystyn, hoops and knives and Janet Jackson music, Kyle and his dry humor, Farrell w/ her whips, hoops and yo-yo's and Hiro from Japan and his 1st place magic act. This dark backstage light is when shooting bands for 10
years comes in handy. If you don't know what the Magic Castle is check it out next time you are in Hollywood, that is if you can get in. This is a private club for members and their friends.


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John Lithgow

I love getting to photograph great characters so when I was asked to shoot John Lithgow for a Venice Art mag called FORTH I was excited. I remember John in 3rd Rock from the Sun, a very funny sitcom and the movie Harry and the Henderson's. He is one of those faces that have been working TV and Movies for many years. I love his work and it was great to meet him.

Who knew that John is a portrait painter and a good one? I photographed John while he was painting and then he posed for a cover image for me. What a sweet guy. This is my favorite image.

John's IMDb if you want to know more about what he has done.

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