Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspired - Self Portrait

Self Portrait 1936, Hurdland Missouri

As the keeper of all photos new and old I have a nice collection from my mother's side of the family. While exploring these image and the moment in time I think about what it would be like if I step into the photograph. With a similar style and look I have put myself in the photo to feel the experience of the moment with my family.

My grandmother Ruby had great style and was an amazing seamstress. This family trait skipped my mother and went straight to me. I do have dresses that Ruby made and wore and I have worn them on many occasions. Our figures are almost exactly the same. Though my grandmother died when I was in 1st Grade, I did live close to her and have always felt spiritually boned through our craft, hands and brain.

I want this image to explore time and blur the boundaries for the viewer. Working with a similar fashion look given by the time I pull clothes out of my own collection of vintage and new. Similarly I have tried to match the time and feel of the actual photograph, some soft grain and a brown tone to match the original.


If you like self portrait work check out this collection on my friend, colleague and teachers site Lenscratch. My image is in the middle. click link below.

Lenscratch - Self Portrait Exhibition

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